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Golden Moon is custom-made .Our grass makes your garden like spring all the year round.
No wateringNo trimming. Save your time. Have fun.
Golden Moon is specially in custom-made High-permeability,Antibacterial,Skin protection pets favorite.
Golden Moon is specially designed for you to bedurable and meets the sports of FIFA standard two-star certification.
Golden Moon is specially designed for you to bedurable and meets the sports of FIFA standard two-star certification.
Sophistical Grass Manufacturer
The company has independentintellectual property rights and owns two patents for artificial turf inventionsur products pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification 1S014001 environmental management system certification, CE SGS. LABOSPORTE professional certification. We specialize in the plastics manufacturing industry for 34 years and artificial turf for 17 years. Theolden Moon Lawn has been exported to the United States, Europe, Japan ustralia, the Middle East and other countries. 
  Control quality from raw material to finished turf
  Every square meter inspected before packing
 Responsible for products and service provided
  Stands firmly behind its commitment
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At the beginning, Golden Moon produced fishing net .Then, we produced base fabric for carpets. Finally, we produce artificial grass. During the products change, we’re experienced in production. We’re able to design  and manufacture high-quality and environmental grass . 
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Grass type of artificial football lawn sports ground

The artificial turf of the football field can be divided into three types in the type of grass, namely: monofilament soccer field artificial turf, mesh soccer field artificial turf, and monofilament reinforced soccer field artificial turf. Because these three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use will vary.

How to renovate the artificial turf after the aging signal is issued?

The shelf life of artificial turf is generally 5-8 years, so it is normal for some turfs with long service life to be aging. After all, the service life of artificial turf is limited; Although the aging of artificial turf is uncontrollable, we can use some methods to judge whether it is aging and to extend its service life and duration as much as possible.

Advantages of using artificial grass in cold winter

Artificial turf has been used more and more in recent years, especially in the cold winter. The natural turf will become lifeless in the winter. Natural grass can't be used normally in the cold and high temperature. In winter, we often can't see a trace of greenness around, but the artificial turf can play it in winter. Advantage.

Football field artificial turf FIFA certification new standard specific changes

The FIFA certification system is recognized as a high standard for artificial turf in football fields, and the football fields laid by artificial turf companies are proud of FIFA certification. The new FIFA certification standard was promulgated on October 25, 2015. After more than a year of coexistence of new and old standards, the new standard will become an accreditation standard from January 1, 2017.

How to maintain various sports venues in winter?

With the arrival of winter, the weather is getting colder, and our sports flooring is also prone to some use problems. The site is decorated with three-point pavement, seven-point maintenance, and the floor of the sports venue also needs our care and maintenance. So how do you maintain the various sports venues in use in the face of cold winter weather? Today Xiaobian will come to give you a warm reminder~

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