The artificial turf of the football field can be divided into three types

The artificial turf of football field can be divided into three types, namely: monofilament football field artificial turf, mesh football field artificial turf and monofilament reinforced football ...

What are the commonly used construction accessories for artificial turf sites?

Everyone knows that some auxiliary materials will be used when laying artificial turf sites, including glue, connecting tape, and possibly scribing paint. A good construction process can give full ...

How to choose artificial turf for landscape?

1. Touch the grass to judge the softness.When we touch the grass silk with our hands, we need to see if the grass silk is soft and comfortable. It is generally agreed that a soft, comfortable lawn ...

The specific changes of the new FIFA certification standard for artificial turf in football fields

The FIFA certification system is recognized as the high standard for artificial turf in football fields, and football fields laid by artificial turf companies are proud to be FIFA certified. The ne...

How to maintain various sports venues in winter?

With the arrival of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, and our sports floors are also prone to use problems. The venue is decorated with three-point walkways, seven-point maintenance...

How to renovate and rectify artificial turf after it sends out aging signals?

The shelf life of artificial turf is generally 5 8 years, so it is normal for some lawns that have been used for too long to age. After all, the service life of artificial turf is limited;Although ...

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