The artificial turf of the football field can be divided into three types

2022-04-02 12:56

The artificial turf of football field can be divided into three types, namely: monofilament football field artificial turf, mesh football field artificial turf and monofilament reinforced football field artificial turf. Since the three types of lawns differ in performance, the range of use will also vary.

First, the artificial turf of the integrated football field:

How does monofilament football pitch artificial turf compare to other turf? The fiber of the monofilament lawn is very thin, the density is high, the overall simulation degree is relatively high, and the structure is basically natural. Turf is similar, lasts longer and resists abrasion better than mesh artificial turf, but artificial turf for monofilament football fields tends to be higher! However, with the continuous development and progress of the social economy, the utilization rate of artificial turf in football fields will be higher and higher in sports venues, and the effect of the whole exercise has also been recognized by consumers, so the scope of application will be so wide .

Second, the artificial football turf of the mesh football field:

The simulation is higher, but it will be thicker on the fibers, similar to plastic ties. If a low cross-section is found directly, its main shape is reticulate, hence the name reticulate. Usually, its price is cheaper than monofilament.

Three, single-line enhanced football field artificial turf:

Because it is necessary to add a new process on the basis of manufacturing, the artificial turf of the football field needs to be provided with a convex rib in the center of the monofilament, which mainly ensures good elasticity and can improve wear resistance. There are fewer quantities, but the overall price is slightly higher due to the more complex manufacturing process.