What are the commonly used construction accessories for artificial turf sites?

2022-03-10 08:30

Everyone knows that some auxiliary materials will be used when laying artificial turf sites, including glue, connecting tape, and possibly scribing paint. A good construction process can give full play to the performance of artificial grass products, and choose the appropriate glue and connecting belt to match, so that the service life of artificial grass products can be fully guaranteed.

First: glue. Glue is used for splicing between artificial turf. When laying artificial turf, it is necessary to bond the lawn and the joint cloth, the lawn and the ground together, so high-quality artificial turf glue is an important accessory in the laying process. Environmental protection, safety, and strong adhesion are necessary for artificial turf sites. The strong adhesive force is closely related to the use of the lawn and the glue. The glue with low viscosity will cause the lawn to warp, thus affecting the later service life of the artificial lawn.

Second: connecting belt. The artificial turf construction connection tape is used to bond and fix the artificial turf. Among them, the commonly used connection belts are white non-woven connection belts and black acid and alkali resistant connection belts. The white non-woven fabric has a unique suede fiber design, and it forms a good adsorption capacity with Mape glue, which makes the connection part have better adhesion; Alkaline environment is not easy to age and fracture, and has good corrosion resistance.

Third: Line paint. Scribing paint is a product that is used to replace the white lawn as a functional line or marking line of a sports field. It is mainly used for sports artificial turf fields such as football, rugby, and baseball. Among them, the common Jiujiu scribing paint is a water-based paint, which is non-toxic and harmless, and is easy to use. It is a new generation of artificial turf functional scribing paint with greatly improved adhesion on artificial turf. It is specially designed for scribing and easy to construct. It is more suitable for filling-free series products. It is divided into two types: long-acting and short-acting, to meet the needs of different occasions. And it is more time-saving than the splicing and mosaic function line process, and does not damage the artificial grass surface layer, avoids the function line cracking and falling off, not easy to fade, durable and effective, and can reach a service life of more than 2 years.